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Alfa Yachts adds a new dimension of luxury and service to your yachting lifestyle. Our reputation for success has been built by years of commitment to our clients and the yachting industry. From technical broker specifications to crew placement, marketing and charter management, we offer a total service approach. Our impressive record of yacht sales, our growing charter fleet and crew placement services are a direct result of our honesty, integrity and steadfast promise to our clients to deliver the best. With over four decades of longevity and our global span, we provide services that are customized to meet all of your yachting needs.

Legendary for sailing yachts is Alfa Yachts

Get inspired. Flex your imagination. Because building a yacht should be a joy, from start to sea. We offer a wraparound service in every aspect of design and build, from conception to delivery, working with the fastest people and shipyards around.

Alfa Yachts, with a love of sailing, founded his shipyard near the Athens in Greece. With convinced that new technologies and new materials would transform sailing. But sailing with Alfa Yachts has always continued to be embodiment of the pioneering, adventurous spirit; the pinnacle of pleasure.

This vision continues to drive Alfa Yachts. Its innovative models push the envelope, offering an unequalled sailing experience.

An exclusive vocation for the Alfa Yachts

Alfa Yachts in Athens is one of the few Greece shipyards exclusively dedicated to building sailing yachts. Alfa’s managers, designers and employees have an exclusive vocation for sailing, the only assurance of perfection.

This dedication also drives the specialists that Alfa Yachts has specially selected to distribute its yachts throughout the world.

At Alfa Yachts, listening to the wants, needs and expectations of the customer is second nature.

That’s why the Alfa Yachts is able to offer so many yachting enthusiasts the ultimate escape.

The team of Alfa Yachts